1. Nvidia, Others Hammer Out Tomorrow’s Cloud-Native Supercomputers
    More stakeholders, from chipmakers to startups such as Climavision, want to deliver supercomputing performance through cloud-based resources.
  2. Transitioning IT Careers: How (and Where) to Stand Out Right Now
    While transitioning careers is never easy, applicants can take steps to make themselves a standout amongst their job competitors by adding that ‘plus.’ Also, keep an eye on cloud opps.
  3. A Safety Inquiry on 5G Deployments at US Airports Balloons
    The DOT, wireless carriers, the FAA, the aviation industry, and Biden Administration are all now involved in resolving a complex situation that airline CEOs claim could worsen air travel operations chaos beyond continuing COVID cancellations level.
  4. Data Fabrics: Six Top Use Cases
    A data fabric management architecture optimizes access to distributed data while intelligently curating and orchestrating it for self-service delivery. Here's a look at some ways a data fabric may be able to help your organization.
  5. The Automation Paradox: The Rise of Human-Led Automation
    The more we automate data analytics, the more work is required of humans to cover edge cases, provide high-level scrutiny, and put meaning behind the insights.