1. Lead with Purpose: Data, Analytics Cultural Challenges
    Analytics, and AI offer great potential, but concerns over privacy, AI replacing humans, and negative consequences have cast a pall. Now, lead with purpose.
  2. The Time is Now: AI for Everyone
    Do your executives and business contributors understand AI? If not, they probably will soon.
  3. Empowering Women in the Workplace 365 Days a Year
    In celebrating the progress companies have made with inclusion and diversity the has to be ongoing change to create a level playing field and a culture where all colleagues feel included and heard.
  4. Lessons We Can All Learn from the Sharing Economy
    Companies in the sharing economy are creating superior experiences for their customers with the aid of massive databases engineered on a global scale.
  5. Why Your Company's AI Strategy May Not Be Its Own
    Nine big tech firms are deciding your company's fate and even the fate of humanity simply because they have the most control over AI.