1. Where to Get Trusted IT Planning Advice
    IT planning authorities are everywhere, but finding truly knowledgeable experts with your organization's best interests at heart can be a challenge.
  2. What's Holding Back Edge Computing for Enterprises?
    The combination of technology readiness and business appetite puts us a little closer to wide-scale availability of a new breed of IT infrastructure.
  3. AWS Summit Focuses on Smoother Integrations
    Amazon touts ease of using custom code on its platform and the acceleration of the speed of execution in the development cycle.
  4. Customer-Led Automation Changes the Service Game
    Customer self-service is ready to take the next step toward customer-led service, where enterprises are supporting requests from bots as often as from people.
  5. The Dangers of Demonizing AI
    As more individuals, governments and companies see artificial intelligence as evil, it becomes clear that we need metrics to ensure that AI is a good citizen.