1. Changes in IT: From the Trenches to the Future
    Learn how IT Leaders from Eversource Energy, Intel and Accenture Technology are looking at digital innovation - today and tomorrow.
  2. CIO Keynote: Less Jargon, More Focus on Business Outcomes
    Though they came from different disciplines, CIOs at the Interop keynote shared a common need to get down to business.
  3. Interop 2019: CIOs, Security, AI, and More
    Day 3 of Interop 2019 features four CIO keynoters and several dozen educational technical and leadership sessions.
  4. Moving Data and its Hidden Challenges
    When working with vendors on data ingestion, CIOs and IT teams sometimes fail to take complicating factors into consideration. Here's how you can navigate.
  5. ERP Giants SAP and Oracle Add AI to Platforms
    As CIOs and other IT leaders shift their AI programs to incorporate more buying than building from scratch, vendors are adding new artificial intelligence capabilities to their platforms to meet the demand.