Procurement IT

IT Procurement Services

An effective, efficient IT system starts with the right technology. That means getting as much as you need – but not more.

At ISC, we can guide you through the process of choosing and purchasing the technology that’s right for you. We carry a wide variety of manufacturers (420+ brands with well over 100,000 products among them) , and are not beholden to any particular one. It’s our job to help you identify what you need your IT to do, and to then aid you in picking the technology that will deliver.

We have partnerships with a number of IT vendors. What does that mean for you? It means that we have the inside track on what equipment and technology is about to come into the marketplace, and what’s about to be phased out. We know what products are built to last, and which ones are built to be replaced in short order.

Our partnerships also give us discounts, which enable us to decrease the cost to you.

Procurement with Flexibility
  • We can do all the work  -- Advise, Order, Ship, Track & Implement
  • We can simply Advise, Order, Ship & Track  -- and let you take it from there
  • You can request special pricing on IT products, office equipment and supplies
  • You can choose to shop online with our eCommerce Storefront -- Order, Ship, Track & Implement








Whatever your budget, we can steer you to products that will work. And then we can install and configure your new purchases.

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