Managed IT Service

Information technology should enhance your business. Do you find that, instead, it’s getting in the way? Is it running slowly? Breaking down too often? Costing too much? Eating up time you should be spending running your business? 

Managed IT Services (MITS) can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your IT, and maximize the time your system is up and running – all for a predictable monthly price.

Monitoring & Alerting • Issues can be identified much faster and can be addressed proactively • Reduce costs of downtime (productivity, opportunity & services costs)
Asset Management • Accurate, up-to-date, effortless asset and warranty tracking for insurance or taxation purposes • Reduce costs with better lifecycle management
Security Assurance • Protect your assets and data
• Achieve regulatory compliance
• Reduce costs of downtime
• Increased customer confidence
Preventive Maintenance • Lengthen asset life-cycle
• Increase productivity
• Reduce costs of downtime and repairs
Reporting • Know exactly what’s going on with your network
• Identify pending issues
• Optimize every dollar you spend on IT – based on accurate data
Quarterly Business Reviews • An opportunity to prioritize projects and plan budget • Accurate budget forecasting


At ISC, we can manage a piece of your IT – your security, say, or your help desk - or the whole thing. With one quick installation on each piece of equipment we’re managing, we can monitor it day and night, catch problems in the earliest stages, and fix bugs before you could get a repairman on site.

Managed IT Services (MITS)

There’s good evidence that managed IT is the most efficient and effective, and least costly, way to keep your IT system delivering what you need. According to an article published by Gartner, Inc., a leading IT research firm, the major factor determining the total cost of operating your IT system is not the initial investment you make, but what you pay to keep it running. And there, the evidence points to managed IT services as the most economical way to go. According to Gartner, a desktop PC that is well managed costs about 43 percent less to operate and maintain than one that is not covered by managed IT.

A study by the Computing Technology Industry Association found that repair time was 96 percent longer for network servers and devices that were not covered by a managed IT team, which typically would use remote monitoring to catch problems and correct them. That’s nearly twice as much time that your business is not doing business.  The industry association also found that downtime is 88 percent greater for network servers and devices that are not covered by managed IT.

At ISC, we can monitor and maintain any piece of machinery with an IP address, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, servers, storage systems, applications and networks. And with managed IT, we can tell you exactly what your monthly cost will be.

We’ll be glad to consult with you about how much management help is right for you.

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