Our Services

Our Business IT Services

At ISC, we make it our business to provide information-technology services to your business.

Whether you are a three-person shop, or a firm with hundreds of employees, we can assist with developing the right solution customized to meet your requirements.

Our services are flexible and span a wide range. We can take responsibility for a portion or all your IT systems, an approach known as Managed IT Services. For a monthly fee, you can turn it all over to us, and you can get back to focusing on your business. 

Alternatively, we can take care of specific, more limited task such as:
           • Mobile Device Management           • System Design and Integration
          • Instructor Lead Training           • Server and Storage Solutions
          • Backup & Disaster Recovery           • Network Access & Control
          • Hardware Repair (Break-Fix)           • Wireless Access Solutions





ISC also, offers an online e-Store where customers can enjoy competitive pricing and leverage the relationship we have with a broad number of technology vendors and suppliers.

For details on our services, please see links below:

I. S. C.    S e r v i c e s
        • Managed IT Services (MITS)
        • Professional IT Services (PITS)
        • Cloud IT Services (CITS)
        • IT Procurement Services (ITPS)