Professional IT Service

If you generally can run your own IT systems, but occasionally have projects that demands manpower and expertise beyond your IT staff’s capacity, ISC’s professional services are for you.

We have the training, the expertise and the professional and vendor connections to get the job done.

A few examples of the types of projects we can do:

Examples of  IT Project: 
  •  Purchase and installation of new equipment
  •  Repair of broken systems
  •  Training your staff in how to use technology
  •  Website design and maintenance





We can handle a wide range of digital communications and office equipment, along with desktop and laptop computers, tablets, servers, storage systems, applications and networks.

ISC has partnerships with a number of vendors of computer hardware and software.

That Means That We:
   •  Have expertise in the products sold by our partners, and have the latest and most complete information about them
   •  Purchase products at a discount, which reduces the price to you
   •  Receive technical support and training from our partners, which enhances our services to you
   • Able to receive demo & Proof of Concept (POC) equipment to assist you
   •  Able to bring vendor's sales & technical resources to your facility







We’ll work with you to determine just what you need, as well as the best and cost-conscious way to get it done.

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