1. Has IT Gone Packaged Software Crazy?
    When it comes to software, why choose out-of-the-box plain vanilla when there's a rainbow of other flavors that you can choose from and swirl together?
  2. Top IT Priority: Cloud. AI, Not So Much
    IT organizations are focused on the cloud right now with automation and big data analytics also ranking pretty high on their to-do lists. AI, machine learning, and blockchain are down very low on the list of priorities.
  3. AI Challenge: Achieving Artificial Empathy
    As AI is woven deeper into different types of software and business processes, the success of it, particularly from customer experience and personalization standpoints, depends on its ability to recognize emotion and act accordingly. Will machines be able to achieve artificial empathy? Have they already? Following are some of the challenges and opportunities.
  4. How to Market IT Modernization to Your Business
    While the rationale for modernizing IT is often apparent, sometimes the messaging and positioning on the part of the IT group is just as important.
  5. The Resilient Leader
    What is it that enables some IT leaders to fly in the face of stress while others to crumble? It's called resilience, and it's a skill, not a talent.