1. Tips for a True Multi-Cloud Strategy
    Develop a multi-cloud strategy that can genuinely benefit your organization by following these recommendations.
  2. How to Make Remote Workers Happier
    Heather Doshay explains how a simple project helped build empathy and equalize engagement between remote employees and onsite staff.
  3. Getting Smart About Knowledge Management
    For many organizations, knowledge management is a forgotten technology. Now, new attitudes and approaches may help KM systems live up to their original potential.
  4. How Analytics Supports Value-Based Healthcare
    Value-based healthcare is changing the business model for doctors and hospitals. Here's how analytics is helping these practices change the way they work.
  5. What CDOs and CAOs Want You to Know
    Organizations feel pressured to appoint chief analytics officers and chief data officers, but they may not be using those roles as effectively as they could.