1. Whatever Happened to Business Supercomputers?
    When it came down to business, supercomputers headed in another direction.
  2. Reduce and Reimagine: How CIOs Can Transform IT Spend
    Reducing inefficiencies in operating processes is not just a financial imperative, but an opportunity to increase value and drive business transformation.
  3. Harness Your Heritage: Building an IT Future on Past Success
    (SPONSORED CONTENT) The phrase ‘digital transformation’ is everywhere. While it sounds great in principle, embracing new innovation can mean a digital dilemma.
  4. Ways to Prevent IT Projects From Getting Sunk
    There can be more to ‘sinking’ IT projects than just missing deadlines, miscommunicating with users or having vendors let you down.
  5. Data Quality: How to Show the ROI for Projects
    Here are some key steps that you can take to measure and communicate the tangible return on investment for your data quality initiatives.