Cloud IT Service

One way ISC can simplify your business IT functions is through cloud computing. With just a Web browser or a mobile app, you can access ISC’s cloud resources. With access to our cloud resources, you don’t have to invest in lots of computing capability – because we already have. And for a monthly fee, we’ll share it with you.

From our site, we can send computing resources to your business over the Internet. Those resources would include the technology needed for services such as server, networking, storage and applications.

For example, with our cloud resources we can:

C l o u d   S e r v i c e   E x a m p l e s
   •  Infrastructure (Server, Desktop, Print, Fax, Scan, Storage, Memory, CPU, Switch/Router, VoIP, Network, Firewall…)
   •  Provide you access too many types of application software (Email, Accounting, CRM, Web & Video Conferencing, Electronic Signage, Microsoft Office…)
   •  Manage and share your data files
   •  Provide back-ups offsite of your data




When you use our cloud resources, you can respond more quickly as your IT needs change. Instead of investing in new software or hardware, you pay ISC a steady monthly fee and we provide you with access and support, whatever your needs at the moment.

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